how to solve for x with fractions

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how to solve for x with fractions

How do I solve for x with a fraction? How do I solve when something equals something and just in general. This a homework problem I am stuck on: 2/3x + 1 = x - 4

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Solving For X: Cross Multiply to Solve Equations with Fractions

In a second example, “7/3 = 2/x”, the mixed fraction is already converted from 2 1/3 to 7/3. It’s much easier to solve fraction equations that have improper ...
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4 Ways to Solve Fraction Questions in Math - wikiHow

Edit Article wiki How to Solve Fraction Questions in Math. Four Methods: Multiplying Fractions Dividing Fractions Converting Mixed Numbers into Improper Fractions ...
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Fractions Solve for Unknown X - Calculator Soup

Calculator Use. Solve for an unknown value x with this fractions calculator. Find the missing fraction variable in the proportion using cross multiplication to ...
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Equations with fractions - A complete course in algebra

How to solve equations with fractions. How to clear an equation of fractions.
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Solve Equation with Steps Step-by-Step Math Problem Solver

In solving equations, we use the above property to produce equivalent equations that are free of fractions. Example 2 Solve . ... solve for x in terms of a, b and c.
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If you would like an in-depth review of fractions, click on Fractions. Solve for x in the following equation. Example 1: Rewrite the equation such that all the ...
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Fractions Calculators - Online Calculator Resource

Fractions calculators to add, subtract, multiply, divide fractions. ... solve for X in fractions equations. skip to main content. Calculator Soup ...
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WebMath - Solve Your Math Problem

WebMath is designed to help you solve your math problems. ... Webmath also shows the student how to arrive at the answer. ...
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Solving Rational Equations: Introduction | Purplemath

... solving rational equations is generally simpler, ... This equation is so simple that I can solve it just by looking at it! How? I have two fractions.
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solving for x in a fraction - Solve Algebra problems with the ...

math solver of rational expressions ; ... distributive property with fractions ; free downloading solve exercise of rudin real and comlex analysis ;
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how do you solve for x in this equation with these fractions x/2+4=5/2x-6

Problem: how do you solve for x in this equation with these fractions x/2+4=5/2x-6 the equation includes fractions and variables on both sides. the equation is x over 2 plus 4 equals 5 over 2 with x adjacent to the fraaction minus 6. solving for x. Problems are easier to deal with if we can elim
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solve 9/(2x^2+7x+5) - 3/(2x^2+9z+10)

solve 9/(2x^2+7x+5) - 3/(2x^2+9z+10)  TO add or subtract fractions the denominator needs to be the same (bottom).  They are not in this case.  multiply the top by the other fractions bottom. 9(2x^2 + 9z + 10) - 3(2x^2 + 7x + 5)/(2x^2 + 7x + 5)(2x^2 + 9z + 10)  this is the
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How do you solve 2 2/3+1 3/8

You need to convert the mixed numbers to inproper fractions first.  Do this by multiplying the whole number by the bottom of the fraction and then adding that to the top of the fraction like this: 2 2/3 = 2 times 3 Plus 2 over 3 8/3 1 3/8 = 1 times 8 plus 3 over 8 11/8 So now we have two f
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how do i add fractions

To add or subtract fractions, obtain a least common denominator. Subtract the numerators in the correct order and retain the same least common denominator for your answer. Simplify. To multiply fractions, multiple the numerators. The product will be the numerator of your answer. Repeat with denomin
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methods for solving fractionals and radical equations?

Bit late? but hows about how to convert a reccuring decimal to a fraction? (or have i misread the question?) eg. prove that 0.3 is equal to 1/3 to do this, let x = 0.3333333333... therefore 10x = 3.333333.... so 9x= 3 divide both sides by 9 x=3/9 x=1/3 [end of proof]   Think im a lit
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how do you solve the equation x/4+5/12=3x/4-1/6

Take notice that each term in this equation is a fraction. Right that sucks! So we need to get rid of the fractions. It will make it a lot easier. The easiest way to do that is to multiply by a number that all of our denominators divide into. Called our least common denominator. So we have the numbe
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how to solve a n equations with rational expression

to solve that equation you have there 2x/5 - x/3 =5 first thing you do is (me personally i dont like fractions so i will eliminate the fractions by multiplying the demonator) 3(2x/5 - x/3) = 3(5) 6x/5 - x = 15 now i do the same thing with the other fraction 5(6x/5 -x) = 5(15) 6x-5x=75 combin
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How do I solve this problem 4/10 + 2/4

change the fractions ton have the same denmomenator sucha as 4/10 would change as 8/20 because 10x2=20 so 4x2=8. do the same with 2/4 it would cahnge to 10/ 20 cause 4x5=20 so 2x5 =10.  when  adding then the denimoator 20 will stay the same 20 in the answer and you just have add 8+10=18 so
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solve 2 - 1/3 / 2 +1/3 please

Work out 2-1/3 and 2+1/3 separately as improper fractions: 2-1/3=2/1-1/3. An improper fraction is one where the top (numerator) is bigger than the bottom (denominator). The common denominator is 3. 1 into 3 goes 3 multiplied by 2=6. So 2-1/3 is (6-1)/3. The brackets mean do this calcu
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Dierdre's work to solve a math problem is shown below. Problem: How many 1 1/2- foot pieces can be cut from a 12-foot length of a ribbon?

Dierdre's work to solve a math problem is shown below. Problem: How many 1 1/2- foot pieces can be cut from a 12-foot length of a ribbon? Step 1: 1 1/2 divide by 12 = n Step 2: 3/2 divide by 12 = n Step 3: 3/2 X 1/12 = n Step 4: 3/24 = n Answer: 1/8 = n What was Dierdre's first error? A. She switche
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