Shawn took in $69.15 in two hours work on Saturday selling Belts for $8.05 and earrings for $4.50. How many of each did

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Shawn took in $69.15 in two hours work on Saturday selling Belts for $8.05 and earrings for $4.50. How many of each did Shawn sell?

That's all i have.

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Shawn took in $69.15 in two hours work on Saturday selling Belts for $8.05 and earrings for $4.50. How many of each did Shawn sell?

Shawn took in $69.15 in two hours work on Saturday selling Belts for $8.05 and earrings for $4.50. How many of each did Shawn sell? I'm not too sure how ​you are expected to solve this problem. You will end up with a Diophantine Equation (one involving integer coefficients and integer soluti
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I need help, I really need help pleeease.

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