do you get a circular prism

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do you get a circular prism

it is for shapes in pre-algebra

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Prisms with Examples - Math is Fun - Maths Resources

... so it's a triangular prism. Try drawing a shape on a piece of paper (using straight lines) ... All the previous examples are Regular Prisms, ...
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What is a circular prism - ® WikiAnswers ® Categories Science Math and Arithmetic Geometry What is a circular prism? What would you like to do? Flag. What is a circular prism?
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Leica GPR121 Pro Precision Circular Prism with Holder and ...

Leica GPR121 Pro Precision Circular Prism with Holder and Target Plate. The range of a prism is due in part to its coating and the glass geometry.
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How to Calculate the Volume of a Rectangular Prism - wikiHow

How to Calculate the Volume of a Rectangular Prism. Calculating the volume of a rectangular prism is easy once you know its width, length, and height.
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Surface Area of Prisms -

Rectangular based prism: Circular based prism: (Cylinder) ... If you do not yet have Maths Helper Plus installed on your computer, click here for instructions.
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Circular Prism - Definition, Area, Volume, Properties ...

When the base of a prism is a circle, it should be called as a circular prism. But that is actually known as a cylinder and a cylinder would not satisfy the condition ...
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Surface Area Formulas -

In words, the surface area of a rectangular prism is the area of the six rectangles that cover it. But we don ... Since there are two of them, you get 2ac.
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How to Calculate the Volume of a Cylinder (with Examples)

This wikiHow will teach you how to calculate the volume of a ... Calculate the area of the circular base. To do ... Calculate the Volume of a Triangular Prism.
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Prism (geometry) - Wikipedia

Prism (geometry) Set of uniform prisms (A hexagonal prism is shown) Type: uniform polyhedron: Conway polyhedron notation: Pn: Faces: 2+n total: 2 n: Edges: 3n ...
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how many 1/2" candies will fit in a 41/2" x 4" bowl?

Assuming that 4" is the height of the bowl, we can conclude that it is ellipsoidal, like a rugby football, with the shorter axis (x axis) being 4.5" in diameter and its longer axis (y axis) needing to be determined from the given figures. Two domes are cut off each end of the ellipsoid leaving a 3.5
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what is the area of a triangular prism of 18 top across base, 10 high, one protrusion is 10.34 and the other protrusion is 13.4

Trying to picture the shape and meaning of “protusion”. The measure of 18 I take to mean the perpendicular from the vertex of the triangular base to its opposite side, which would be the height of the top and bottom triangles. The protusions I take to mean the measure from the perpendicular wh
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The surface area of a prism is 224', so what are the dimensions of the prism?

There needs to be more information regarding this problem. what kind of prism (rectangular, triangular etc.)  Also, is there a diagram with any dimensions give as variables? it appears that from the answer, it is a square prism, but there should be some information regarding out the height rel
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draw a triangular prism on isometric paper with length 5, triangle has base 3 and height 4?

From the side the prism looks like a rectangle because you can't see the triangular ends. The rectangle would have a height of 4 and length 5. When you look at the prism end on you only see the triangle. The question doesn't say what type of triangle it is but it could be a right-angled triangle wit
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write a system of two linear equations showing the distance of each animal can travel to model a fair race.

One way to resolve this is to work out the distance each must run to take the same time to complete the race. Distance=speed times time, so time=distance÷speed. So if the distances are D1 and D2 we can write D1/43=D2/35 (time for coyote=time for rabbit) and that means D1/D2=43/35 (about 1.23). If t
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Find the volume of the solid obtained by rotating the region.

First we need to find the range of x for which the function is bound by the line y=12. We need the solution to 12=x+27/x. The solution to x^2-12x+27=0 is x=3 and 9. These will provide the limits of integration later. Now the region is defined. Next we need to find the volume of the bound region
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what is the surface area of a prism with a base of 8 perimeter of 3 and height of 6?

6*8=48 yu did NOT giv klue tu get top or base areas
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four identical looking objects weigh 3,5,8 and 11 oz

S=SET, 1=A~B+C, 2=A~B+D, 3=A~C+D, 4=B~C+D, 5=A+B~C+D, 6=A+C~B+D (1 to 6 are weighing configurations). ~ (twiddles) means "is balanced against"; < means "lighter than"; > means "heavier than"; = means "balances". S   A B C D     1 &nb
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What is the radius of a right circular cone with a height of 10 cm and surface area of 125 square cm

me take it, yu meen the area av the side av the kone=125 & yu dont overlap the sides (maebee tape edjes tugether) side area av kone=triangel with base=rim-leng av serkel triangel base=2pi*radius triangel side area=(1/2)base*slant-hite=pi*radius*slant-hite slant hite av kone=sqrt(rad*rad + h
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