how do i simplify 8a+a

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how do i simplify 8a+a

how do i simplify 8a+a

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How do you simplify 8a + 3 – 5(a – 2)? | Socratic

How do you simplify 8a + 3 – 5(a – 2)? Algebra Properties of Real Numbers Expressions and the Distributive Property. ... How do you simplify the expression #x(3+5)#?
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how do i simplify (8a)^2 - OpenStudy

how do i simplify (8a)^2(8a)^2 = (8^2)(a^2). (8a)^(2) = (8a)(8a). Please explain . \[x^2 = (x)(x)\] \[x^3 = (x)(x)(x)\] etc thus \[(xa)^... ... At vero eos et ...
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How do you simplify 8a + b - 3a + 4b? | Socratic

How do you simplify #8a + b - 3a + 4b#? Algebra Expressions, Equations, and Functions Variable Expressions. 1 Answer ... How do you simplify #7+10x-x+(-x)#?
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How to Simplify Math Expressions: 13 Steps (with Pictures)

How to Simplify Math Expressions. ... Simplify by factoring. Factoring is a technique by which some variable expressions, including polynomials, can be simplified.
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How do you simplify: (8a^-6)^-2/3 - OpenStudy

How do you simplify: (8a^-6)^-2/31/4a^4. thanks! :). No problem. ... (8a^-6)^-2/3 \(\left(\dfrac{8}{a^{6}}\right)^{-2/3} = \left (\dfrac{a^{6 ...
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How to Simplify Equations (solutions, examples, videos)

How to Simplify Equations. ... Some methods that can be used to simplify an equation are Combine Like Terms, Multiplication & Division of Terms, ...
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Simplify any Algebraic Expression - WebMath

Simplify any Algebraic Expression ... If you have some tough algebraic expression to simplify, this page will try everything this web site knows to simplify it.
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How do I simplify- please explain as if I were a five year ...

How do I simplify- please explain as if I were a five year old - 3293890. 1. Log in ... ^y=a^x*y so your exercise is equal =(8a)^(-3)*(-2/3)=(8a)^2=64a^2 Comments (2 ...
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sqrt(3a+10) = sqrt(2a-1) + 2

sqrt(3a+10)=sqrt(2a-1)+2 To remove the radical on the left-hand side of the equation, square both sides of the equation. (~(3a+10))^(2)=(~(2a-1)+2)^(2) Simplify the left-hand side of the equation. 3a+10=(~(2a-1)+2)^(2) Squaring an expression is the same as multiplying the expression by itself 2 t
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Find m if x – 3 and x + 2 are factors of x3 + m2x2 – 11x – 15m

  36r4 + 36r3 + 3r2) / 9r3  this is normally written as (36r^4 + 36r^3 + 3r^2) / (9r^3)  this is equivalent to (36r^4 / 9r^3) + (36r^3 / 9r^3) + (3r^2 / 9r^3)  the rule for exponent arithmetic to apply is that x^a/x^b = x^(a-b).  so, basically, if the base is
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how do i add fractions

To add or subtract fractions, obtain a least common denominator. Subtract the numerators in the correct order and retain the same least common denominator for your answer. Simplify. To multiply fractions, multiple the numerators. The product will be the numerator of your answer. Repeat with denomin
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how to solve for x with fractions

Simplifying x3 + 3x2 + -4x = 0 Reorder the terms: -4x + 3x2 + x3 = 0 Solving -4x + 3x2 + x3 = 0 Solving for variable 'x'. Factor out the Greatest Common Factor (GCF), 'x'. x(-4 + 3x + x2) = 0 Factor a trinomial. x((-4 + -1x)(1 + -1x)) = 0 Subproblem 1 Set the factor 'x' equal to zero an
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Whats 3x-2 over 9 equals 25 over 3x-2?

I will give you an example for this question. This might be able to help you. Simplifying 3x2 + 25x = 18 Reorder the terms: 25x + 3x2 = 18 Solving 25x + 3x2 = 18 Solving for variable 'x'. Reorder the terms: -18 + 25x + 3x2 = 18 + -18 Combine like terms: 18 + -18 = 0 -18 + 25x + 3x2 = 0 Fac
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How to simplify fractions

When simplifying fractions we need to reduce both the numerator (the number on the top of the fraction) and the denominator (the number on the bottom of the fraction) so that both numbers have no common factors (numbers that can be evenly divided into both) Let's take this the example 30/100 We n
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Expand and simplify where appropriate

[r-36(p.q+q)/3] simplifies to [r-12q(p+1)] or [r-12pq-12q]. {n+r[r-36(p.q+q)/3]+p} therefore simplifies to {n+r[r-12pq-12q]+p}={n+r^2-12pqr-12qr+p}. m{ ... } simplifies to mn+mr^2-12mpqr-12mqr+mp. Finally, multiply by 3q/p: 3mnq/p+3mqr^2/p-36mq^2r-36mq^2r/p+3mq.
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simplify this expression 9(a+b)

simplify 9(a+b) It's already simplified. 9(a+b) simplified is 9(a+b) if you mean expand 9(a+b) that's 9a + 9b
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2x/3+1/4=9,find x

2x/3+1/4=9 (2x)/(3)+(1)/(4)=9 Since (1)/(4) does not contain the variable to solve for, move it to the right-hand side of the equation by subtracting (1)/(4) from both sides. (2x)/(3)=-(1)/(4)+9 Simplify the right-hand side of the equation. (2x)/(3)=(35)/(4) Multiply each term in the equation by
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Help please?

???????????????????? "simplifi" ?????????????????? x+y....ADDDDDDDDDDDDD 2.7+4.1=6.8
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