the opposite value of negative five

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the opposite value of negative five

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Positive and negative numbers - Math League

Absolute value of positive and negative numbers ... Similarly, the opposite of any negative number is a positive number. For example, the opposite of -12.3 is 12.3.
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Finding the Opposite of a Number - free online cool math ...

This prealgebra lesson explains how to find the opposite of a number. ... Getting Used to Negative Numbers. Finding the Absolute Value of a Number.
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Opposites and Absolute Value - Math Help

Try a complete lesson on Opposites and Absolute Value, featuring video examples, ... and the opposite of a negative integer is a positive integer.
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Absolute Value | Purplemath

This is why absolute value is never negative; absolute value only asks "how far?", ... If the original value of x was negative, then –x, the opposite-signed version ...
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Integers - Math League

All opposite integers ... Take the product of their absolute values. 3. If the number of negative integers ... we see that there are 3 negative integers: -2, -11, and -5.
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Negative number - Wikipedia

If a quantity may have either of two opposite ... value of a number is the non-negative number with ... al-zāʾid — is negative, and by a negative number is ...
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Lesson Plan -- Integers, Opposites, Absolute Value

Lesson Plan -- Integers, Opposites, Absolute ... penalty in a football game can be described with the negative integer ... opposite sides of 0 Absolute value of a ...
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Number opposites (video) | Negative numbers | Khan Academy

Learn about number opposites like 3 and -3 or ... If you start with negative four, its opposite is going to ... it's going to have the same absolute value but have a ...
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The equation of the circle is x^2+y^2+6x+2y-6=0 Find the exact values of k for which y=x+k is a tangent to the circle.

The equation of the circle can be written (x+3)^2+(y+1)^2=16 by completing squares for x and y. From this (y+1)^2=16-(x+3)^2. The centre of the circle is at (-3,-1) and the radius is 4. Differentiating wrt x we get: 2(x+3)+2(y+1)y'=0 so y'=-(x+3)/(y+1). This is the gradient at point (x,y), so sin
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Flying bearing 325 degrees 800km,turns course 235 degrees flies 950km - find bearing from A.

1. Wendy leaves airport A, flying on a bearing of 325 degrees for 800km. She then turns on a course of 235 degrees and flies for 950km. Find Wendy's bearing from A. frown 2. Wendy decides to turn and fly straight back to A at a speed of 450 km/h. How long will it take her? There are two coordinate
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find the asymptotes of the hyperbola

If we work out y in terms of x we get y=2+/-15*sqrt(((x+2)/20)^2-1), which only exists when (x+2)^2=>400, i.e., x=>18 or x<=-22. The asymptotes must therefore, it seems, be associated with these values. At x=18 or -22, y=2. The line y=2 represents a definable limit of the function
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for given equation list the intercepts and test for symmetry y=-5x/x^2+25

This is open to interpretation. y=-5x/x^2+25 could be y=(-5x/x^2)+25 or y=-5x/(x^2+25). The intercepts are found by setting one variable to zero and solving the equation for the other variable. In the first interpretation, we need first to consider x close to zero, because we cannot divide by
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It's clear that the percentages exceed 100%, so I conclude that the dry matter content includes the crude ingredients, which are supplemented by another ingredient that is not specified. I also conclude that the dry matter content indicates that water is present, because none of the percen
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Double Angle Identity

pi < theta < 3pi/2 is the 3rd quadrant. In this quadrant, both the adjacent side and opposite side of the triangle formed by the angle are negative. cos(theta) = -5/13 implies that the adjacent side is -5 and the hypotenuse is 13. Thus, the opposite side is -sqrt(13^2 - (-5)^2) = -sqrt(144) =
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If sin a =0 then a =k (pi) for any integer k

Sine is opposite over hypotenuse by definition. The length of the opposite side gets shorter and shorter as the angle gets smaller. When the angle approaches 90 degrees, the opposite side becomes almost as long as the hypotenuse and at 90 degrees it is the same length making the sine value 1. As the
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OK. Here is the first problem.

If yards lost is plotted at A to the left of zero indicating a loss, then B will be plotted to the right by the same distance, so B+(-A)=B-A=0, because A and B have opposite values. Answer 2.
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Segment XY has endpoints X = -72 and Y = 43. What is XY?

Segment XY has endpoints X = -72 and Y = 43. What is XY? Since the X has a negative value and the Y has a positive value, they are on opposite sides of an arbitrary zero. The length is obtained by adding the two absolute values: 72 + 43 = 115 That's answer C.
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are negative n plus four and n minus four the same problem

no n-1 is invers av 1-n same absolute value, but opposit sines
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