HELPP!! been working on it for a week! due tomorrow! i feel so dumb :(

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HELPP!! been working on it for a week! due tomorrow! i feel so dumb :(

i have this math problem, "you have 128 ounces of chocolate to make chocolate chip cookies and chocolate chip muffins. one dozen chocolate chip cookies require 6 ounces of chocolate and one dozen chocolate chip muffins require 4 ounces of chocolate. A. write and graph an equation for the possible number of dozens of choco. cookies and choco. muffins you can make. B. describe the meaning of the slope and intercepts in the context of the problem." will someone please tell me or help with the answer. im going crazy!

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HELPP!! been working on it for a week! due tomorrow! i feel so dumb :(

start: 1. y hav 128 oz choklut 2. 12 kookees yuze 6 oz choklut 3. 12 muffins yuze 4 oz choklut: If yuze all choklut for kookees, get 128/6=21.33 duzen if yuze all choklut for muffins, get 128/4=32 duzen muffins In tween yu get strate lines av number av eech let x= duzen kookees & y=duzen m
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Wot direkshun du yu fire that dang thang??????????????? horizontal???? vertikal??? at angel tween em ???????
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