Can i get that answer? 8+3x = -7

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Can i get that answer? 8+3x = -7

8+3x= 7      this ecuation

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3x+7=8 - Math homework help -

Is that your homework? Bulls eye!!! ... Normally we charge $1.00 for this answer Today, you can get it FOR FREE if you ... 3x+7=8. 3x+7=8.
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How do you solve -3x+1= 5x-7? | Socratic

... (blue)(step 1):- 1=5x+3x-7 color(blue)(step 2:- 1+7=5x+3x color(blue)(step 3:- 8=8x color(blue)(step 4:- x ... You can reuse this answer Creative Commons ...
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Checking Answers Using Algebra Calculator - MathPapa

Checking Answers Using Algebra Calculator. ... Example Answer x=6 ... For system of equations x+y=8 and y=x+2, check ...
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How can x+8=-x+7 be set up as a system of equatio... - OpenStudy

How can x+8=-x+7 be set up as a system of equations A. Y=x+8 Y=-x+7 B. y=x+8 Y=-3x+7 C. Y=x+5 Y=-2x+11 D. Y=8 Y=-3x+7This equation ... Get our expert's. answer on ...
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3x-7=1-x - Algebra homework help

You can ask homework questions and get assistance. ... Normally we charge $1.00 for this answer Today, you can get it FOR FREE if you ... (8 words) 3x-7=1-x 3x+x-7=1 ...
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How do you solve 2x-y=7 and 3x+y=8? | Socratic

Substitute this expression for y in the second equation and get 3x + (2x-7) = 8 5x-7=8 5x ... How do you solve #2x-y=7# and #3x+y=8#? ... Start with a one sentence ...
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What is the solution to the compound inequality 5x + 7 > −8 ...

What is the solution to the compound inequality 5x + 7 > −8 and 3x + 7 ≤ 19? - 2064399. 1. ... Not sure about the answer?
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Which best describes the solution set for the inequality ...

Which best describes the solution set for the inequality below? 3x + 7 ≤ 4x – 8 or –2x + 3 ≥ 1 - 2939643 ... Answer quality is ensured by our experts.
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Can You Solve: 7(5y-2)>6(6y-1) -3x+8 |

Answer to Can you solve: 7(5y-2)>6(6y-1) -3x+8... Textbook Solutions Expert Q&A ... Get this answer with Chegg Study View this answer. OR.
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solve for X, show work 5x + 7 + 3x = -8 + 3x - OpenStudy

solve for X, show work 5x + 7 + 3x = -8 + 3xadd the x's on either side of the equation and tell me what you get. ... We 've verified this expert answer for you, ...
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i. All the possible answers in Quiz 1 by chance can be represented by the terms in the expansion of (0.25+0.75)^8, where 0.25 is the probability of a correct choice of answer for each individual question and 0.75 is the probability of an incorrect choice of answer. The binomial expression has a valu
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This is a binomial distribution, where p=1/4=0.25, the chance of getting the correct answer, and 1-p=0.75, the chance of getting the wrong answer. The distribution's last 4 terms are: (1-p)^10, 10(1-p)^9p, 45(1-p)^8p^2, 120(1-p)^7p ^3. These represent the chances of 0, 1, 2, 3&n
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If the question had been: what's 5 apples divided by one apple you would have said 5, wouldn't you? The question has thirds instead of apples, but the answer is still 5. Don't forget that to divide by a fraction you invert the fraction and multiply: 5/3 times 3 is 5, because 3 cancels out the d
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The answer posted above is correct. However the same answer can be arrived at in another way also. Tho get a total of 8 for 2 dies none of the dice must have a '1'. The probability that the first dice will not have a '1', or that it will have 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6, are: Probability of first dice
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Divide 2x4 - 5x3 - 8x2 - 17x - 4 by x + 4

I'm assuming the question reads: divide 2x^4-5x^3-8x^2-17x-4 by x+4, where the caret (^) means "to the power of". Long division in algebra is similar to long division in arithmetic. We lay out the dividend, which is the long expression, as we would lay out a number we're goi
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what is the answer to 18-4t/0.5=20 ?

Perhaps it was the fraction that put you off, or was it the decimal in the denominator. I guess you want to find the value of t. Let's get rid of the fraction by multiplying both sides of the equation by 0.5. It's not clear in the question whether the problem is 18-(4t/0.5)=20 or (18-4t)/0.5=20
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2 instead of 5: 34/5 can be calculated by multiplying 34 by 2 instead of dividing by 5. 34*2=68. We just move the decimal point one place to the left: 34/5=6.8. 124/5=24.8 because 124*2=248. Move the decimal point: 248 becomes 24.8. 34*5 is the same as 34/2=17 but we add a zero to make 17 into
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how can I divide a sextillion by eight million?

I may need stronger glasses; however, isn't the number you put up there 1 septillion (as in million, billion, trillion, quadrillion, quintillion, sextillion, septillion, octillion, nonillion, decillion, undecillion, duodecillion, tredecillion and my all time favorite--Quattrodecillion and etc, etc)?
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