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find the value of k


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SOLUTION: find all values for k such that the equation 3x ...

SOLUTION: find all values for k such that the equation 3x squared - 2x + k = 0 has imaginary roots. Algebra -> Complex Numbers Imaginary Numbers Solvers and Lesson -> ...
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Find the value of k, (if any), for which the system below has ...

... {cases}$ I am looking to finding values of $k$, ... Find the value of k, (if any), for which the system below has unique, infinite or no solution.
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Find Values of K For Different Number of Solutions To ...

Aug 14, 2014 · ... of k for different number of solutions of given quadratic equation. ... Find Values of K For Different Number of Solutions To Quadratic Equation

How can one find the values of k for which the line 2x -k is ...

The simple way to do this is to clearly define what it means for tangent so that finding the k values is the easiest. Problem Specific Answer
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In the equation y=kx, find the value of k if y= 4 and x= 8 ...

In the equation y=kx, find the value of k if y= 4 and x= 8 1. Ask for details ; Follow; Report; by fooNelly6BlasandraV 01/14/2017. Log in to add a comment Answers ...
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Find value of $k$ for which the equation has ... - Stack Exchange

Find value of $k$ for which the equation has real roots. up vote 2 down vote favorite. ... Find the possible values of $p$ for which the equation has coincident roots. 2.
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Place Value of a Number - WebMath

Place Value of a Number. This selection will help you to find what the place value is of a particular digit in a number. Type your number here, ...
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find the equation of the line containing the given pair of points

If the equation of a line is y=mx + b where m is the slope and b is the y intercept you can find the m value by finding the slope between these two points. Slope = the rise over the run or the change in y over the change in x take the y values first -6 to -4 is a rise of 2. take the x values next
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How do I find thr greatest place value in a number for a fourth graders math assignment?

The greatest place value in a number is the place value of the digit on the far left. Example: 123.456 The digit on the far left is 1. The 1 is in the hundreds place. The greatest place value in 123.456 is the hundreds place. . Note:  Special Condition:  The greatest p
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Describe the possible values of x on a triangle, if one side's value is 5, 7, and 2x-2.

If the triangle is right-angled, then we can find two solutions before continuing to find others. If 2x-2 is not the hypotenuse, then 7 must be, because it's the longer of the two known sides: 49=25+4(x-1)^2, so (x-1)^2=6 and x=1+sqrt(6). If 2x-2 is the hypotenuse, then: 4(x-1)^2=49+25=74, so x-1=sq
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It's clear that the percentages exceed 100%, so I conclude that the dry matter content includes the crude ingredients, which are supplemented by another ingredient that is not specified. I also conclude that the dry matter content indicates that water is present, because none of the percen
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minimun of sqrt(x^4-3x^2+4)+sqrt(x^4-3x^2-8x+20)

f = sqrt(x^4-3x^2+4)+sqrt(x^4-3x^2-8x+20) To find the turning points, differentiate f and set that value to zero. df/dx = (1/2)*(4*x^3-6*x)/sqrt(x^4-3*x^2+4)+(1/2)*(4*x^3-6*x-8)/sqrt(x^4-3*x^2-8*x+20) = 0 (4*x^3-6*x)/sqrt(x^4-3*x^2+4) = -(4*x^3-6*x-8)/sqrt(x^4-3*x^2-8*x+20) cross-multipl
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Find the y-intercept of the line that goes through the points (5,175)&(8,190).

All lines, or linear functions, can be expressed as y=ax+b, where a is the slope or gradient and b the y intercept. To find out what the linear function is we use the values for x and y of two points on the line. So we have x=5 and y=175,  and x=8 and y=190. We can find a and b by solving
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What's a function of function?

If you just mean the purpose of a function then see immediately below. If you mean f of g where f and g are two functions, go to the end. The purpose of a function is like giving someone a to-do list. A function (normally shown as f(x)= meaning "function of x", or y=) will usually contain on
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(-4,-2) (0,0) and (2,7) (k,5) what is k

(-4,-2) (0,0) and (2,7) (k,5) what is k i have to find the value of k, so that the two lines will be parallel. The first observation to make is that parallel lines have the same slope. We can determine the slope of the first line and use that to find the unknown x value for the second line. Let's
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Flying bearing 325 degrees 800km,turns course 235 degrees flies 950km - find bearing from A.

1. Wendy leaves airport A, flying on a bearing of 325 degrees for 800km. She then turns on a course of 235 degrees and flies for 950km. Find Wendy's bearing from A. frown 2. Wendy decides to turn and fly straight back to A at a speed of 450 km/h. How long will it take her? There are two coordinate
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Max/min, doman, range, end behavior, interval of increase and decrease

y = 2x^2 + 3x - 2 = (2x^2 + 3x) - 2 = 2(x^2 + (3/2)x) - 2 = 2(x + (3/4))^2 - 9/8 - 2 = 2(x + (3/4))^2 - 25/8 Notice that 2(x + (3/4))^2 >= 0 for all real values of x. Thus, maximum value is infinite and minimum value is -25/8. domain is all real numbers, whereas range is [-25/8 , infinity) As
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