solve and give answer using interval notation

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solve and give answer using interval notation

Solve and give answer using interval notation 2x2 – x  ≥  3

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Interval Notation 0 - Cool Math

This algebra lesson explains interval notation. ... This notation is my favorite for intervals. It's just a lot simpler! Let's look at the intervals we did with the ...
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Solving Linear Inequalities: Introduction and Formatting

Solving linear inequalities is almost exactly like solving ... "Interval notation" writes the ... along with the different answer formats: Solvex ...
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Solving Inequalities – Using Interval Notation – Cool

This algebra lesson explains interval notation. ... What about ? Here it is on the number line: x can't be -1, but it can be greater than -1...
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Virtual Math Lab/ Interval Notation - West Texas A&M University

Write the answer to an inequality using interval notation. Draw a graph to give ... When solving linear inequalities, ... Solve, write your answer in interval ...
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Solving Compound Inequalities & Interval Notation - YouTube

Jul 25, 2011 · Show several examples of how to solve compound inequalities and how to write the solution set in interval notation

How to Solve Inequalities With Interval Notation | Sciencing

To describe this infinite set of solutions, you would use interval notation, ... How to Solve Absolute Value Equations With a Number on the Outside.
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interval notation calculator - gives useful advice on interval notation ... interval notation calculator? Can you give me more ... answer your math problems is by using a ...
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Solve and graph the inequality. Give answer in interval ...

Solve and graph the inequality. Give answer in interval notation. 7x ... Express the set -3 x-6 > 3 x+12 using interval notation Solve the ... Start here or give us ...
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How to Express Solutions for Inequalities with Interval Notation

the interval is called a closed interval, which you show on the graph with a filled-in circle at the point and by using square brackets in notation.
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solve and give answer using interval notation

Let's check how's IQ is too high, give one answer of below question - He is joru ka gulam He has GPS chip in his ace He is note ka goti His name start from G and end on V
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solve inequality, give answer in interval notation |4-3x|+6≥7

|4 - 3x| + 6 >= 7 |4 - 3x| >= 1 4 - 3x <= -1 or 4 - 3x >= 1 3x - 4 >= 1 or 3x - 4 <= -1 3x >= 5 or 3x <= 3 x >= 5/3 or x <= 1 In interval notation, we have: (-infinity , 1] U [5/3, infinity)
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How do I write 13/2<x in interval notation?

wotz rong with x>6.5????? look fine tu me
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How do I solve -14<=-2x-2<=-8

Divide interval expression through by 2: -7<=-x-1<=-4. Now add 1 throughout: -6<=-x<=-3. Take this as two inequalities: -6<=-x and -x<=-3. In the first inequality add 6 throughout and in the second add 3: 0<=6-x and 3-x<=0. Now add x through both inequalities: x<=6 an
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4>8-3x/5>-2 I am having trouble solving this using interval notation.

Question: Solve 4>8-3x/5>-2. Split the above inequality into two inequalities. 4 > 8 - 3x/5 and 8 - 3x/5 > -2 Working both inequalities together, -4 > -3x/5    and   10 > 3x/5 -20 > -3x      and  &nb
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You did well by solving the quadratic, and you seem to have spotted that cos(x) can't be 2 because the cosine function can't give a result greater than 1 or less than -1. x=arccos(1/4) or x=cos^-1(1/4) is how the answer is found. This may be a function on your calculator. If you use tables you would
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How to Find Square Root

98=49*2, so sqrt(98)=sqrt(49)*sqrt(2)=7sqrt(2)=7*1.4142=9.8994 approx. There's another way using the binomial theorem. 98=100-2=100(1-0.02). sqrt(100)=10 so sqrt(98)=10(1-0.02)^(1/2) because square root is the same as power 1/2. (1+x)^n expands to 1+nx+(n(n-1)/1*2)x^2+(n(n-1)(n-2)/1*2*
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how to solve 4X-5y=11 AND 7x+9y=3 USING ELIMINATION

how to solve 4X-5y=11,7x+9y=3 USING ELIMINATION The eqns are: 4x - 5y = 11 7x + 9y = 3 Let's eliminate the y's say, by multiplying the 1st eqn by 9 and the 2nd eqn by 5. This gives us, 36x - 45y = 99 35x + 45y = 15 Now simply add the two eqns together, to give 71x = 1
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Find the point(s) where the line through the origin with slope 6 intersects the unit circle.

The line passes through the origin so its equation is y=6x. The equation of the unit circle is x^2+y^2=1, which has centre (0,0) and radius 1. Substituting y=6x in the equation of the circle we have 37x^2=1 and x=+sqrt(1/37). Therefore the y values for the intersections are y=+6sqrt(1/37). The
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write equation of the line with the given pt and parallel to the given line (8,9); x+5y=4

First thing:  Parallel to the given line.  That means the slope of your line should be the same as the the slope of x + 5y = 4.  We need to find the slope of x + 5y = 4. x + 5y = 4 5y = -x + 4 y = (-1/5)x + 4/5 The slope is -1/5 . Second thing:  Make the new line.  We
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